"Margaret thought she had it all -- a husband, healthy children, and a place to call home. Maybe it wasn't a perfect life-her husband liked to drink and was abusive at times-but Margaret thought with faith and prayer, God would help her overcome any obstacles. Margaret's strong belief in her faith left her sisters to question if she was using it to hide behind, instead of using it to persevere toward a better life for herself and her five children. After many years of struggles and hard times, Margaret is left to question if her life was of any value and if she is worthy of entering the Kingdom of God. What Margaret doesn't know is the decision if she should be received into God's Home has been placed in someone else’s care." (synopsis of 'Family')

"Family" is an inspiring story to anyone who questions if their life is of value. The author, Linda Massucci, invites the reader on Margaret's life journey and you begin to share the pain, sorrow and hope for Margaret to find an answer to end her heartache. The end of the story leaves the reader questioning their own possible prejudices or life choices, and possibly, how closely they could relate to Margaret's struggles.

"Family" will inspire you to reflect on your life, how you treat people and just why we are all here on Earth! It's a book that discusses values, family struggles and God . . . congratulations to the author for endeavoring on such a topic during a time when it's probably most needed!