"Grandpa Joseph The Hungarian Gypsy" by
Linda Massucci
Linda Massucci's novel GRANDPA JOSEPH THE HUNGARIAN GYPSY "Grandpa Joseph the Hungarian Gypsy" tells the story of a young man who came to America and explored the country from sea to sea. Grandpa Joseph reflects on his travels across the United States to his granddaughter, Katileen. His adventures as a gypsy opens Katileenís eyes to all the great wonders and sights across America. He tells her of America's great history and the hope of the American dream he learned from people along his travels. "Grandpa Joseph the Hungarian Gypsy" is a story loosely based on the stories I was told of my great grandfather Joseph, from Hungary. The idea of being a "free spirit" and meeting people from all over the country seemed like a fascinating adventure to me as a child- and as an adult today! I wrote "Grandpa Joseph the Hungarian Gypsy" for children between the ages of eight and twelve years old. The stories Grandpa Joseph tells will enlighten young readers to the history of America and the treasures waiting for them in all fifty states.

A book that entertains, educates and inspires all readers to learn more about the United States of America!