About the author
Linda Massucci
Linda Massucci, 2005Linda Massucci grew up in a small town in Connecticut. She first enjoyed creative writing in elementary school and continued to write short stories in high school. At college, she wrote a short story for a Christian Marriage class and was told her writing was very similar to John Steinbeck. Linda continued to keep a journal and write stories while working at her ‘paying job’. She would often write early in the morning before going to work and dedicate many weekends to editing and revising.

"Now, with my own business, I am able to have a schedule that allows me to write daily…and not at five o'clock in the morning!" she adds with a smile. "I've also been able to explore other writing endeavors, too. I write educational articles for newspapers and research journals." You can read Linda's most recent educational articles at www.landmeducationalconsultants.com or check the status of her latest writing projects by visiting her author's blog.

"You should write because you can’t not write, not in the hopes of getting published. The characters and message in the book should matter to you. If you’re worried about what a publisher is looking for or if anyone will want to read it, than I think you’re in the wrong profession. In my opinion, there are too many ‘copy-cat’ books out there and a lot of celebrities who get books published because companies know their name will sell the material. As an avid reader, I look for books that inspire, educate and allow me to use my imagination."

Linda’s books allow the reader to contemplate the importance of family, faith, values and how the actions each person takes in life always affect other people. Whether she is writing fiction, non-fiction or screen plays, Linda’s stories continue to inspire us all to reflect on our actions and live everyday to the fullest!