"Mama's Bookends"

Elizabeth's life was all that she had dreamed - a lucrative writing career and a home in the country with lots of land for her and Steinbeck to take morning walks! Sharing it all with her Grandma Marie - her partner in a small town café - just made it perfect.

News from a stranger and an unplanned trip to Colorado would change Elizabeth's life forever. Now, Elizabeth would be a caregiver, aunt and mother to her sister's four children. It wasn't in her plans-but in the end - Elizabeth would ask herself, 'How did I ever live without them'.

'Mama's Bookends', a continuation of Elizabeth's journey after 'Grandpa's Grapevine', will inspire readers to remember family always comes first - it is the greatest gift God gives us. As Grandpa Frank's words from Heaven would often remind Elizabeth throughout many struggles and tough choices - 'When it's family - you don't ask why, you just ask, how can I help'.